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Welcome to Magic Wands of Wizardry, where we specialize in supplying you with a large selection of unique and very real magic wand products to meet all of your needs. The use of magic healing wands and powerful magical amulets has been present in many cultures for thousands of years, and dates back to ancient cultures.

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Real magic is nothing like what you have learned on TV. I like to call that kind of magic Hollywood magic, it is intended to be very flashy with lots of special effects. Hollywood magic is designed this way to sell movies, but it is not real magic. A magic wand is a tool, it does not cast spells and generally does not do anything magical by itself. Magic comes from the user, when a spell is cast it is the user that is casting the spell, not the magic wand. Think of a musical conductor, he conducts the direction of the orchestra using the wand, but he himself is the one doing the conducting. The wand focuses and displays his intention to those he is conducting. Like the conductor, the wizard uses his magic wand to guide and direct energy into the matrix of his spell.

A magic spell is not words that unlock a mystical effect (magic spell) within the universe. A magic spell is a set of instructions designed to use your invisible magical tools to guide energy within the universe toward your goal.

There are ten invisible magical tools we naturally have to encourage an event in nature to happen.

  1. Thought
  2. Words
  3. Intention
  4. Choice
  5. Gratitude
  6. Perceptions
  7. Allowing
  8. Faith
  9. Action
  10. Persistence

When you are able to use all of these tools focused toward your goal, manifestation (magical creation) can happen very quickly.

The truth is that the universe is made up of lots of subtle energies we do not yet understand, wizards (a person who practices magic) have been researching and practicing altering these energies to change the world we live in.

Magic wands have a few different uses in practical magic.

Magic wands used in energy healing: our bodies have a number of primary, secondary and tertiary Chakras (spinning energy vortices much like energetic organs for the body), when these Chakras get clogged and dirty the physical, mental and emotional bodies suffer. Those who are experienced in the art and use wands to remove unwanted energy and replace it with positive energy allowing their Chakras to return to a healthy state. This task can be done without a magic wand, but the healer is much more likely to pick up the illness or disease they are trying to heal. Negative energy in a wand can easily be cleansed out and wont give the wand a disease, when negative energy sits within our body is causes damage. Be safe, heal with a magic wand.

Magic wands used in magic:

We create magically daily, but we usually do it without focus. Using a magic wand is a signal to the brain, now is the time to focus our magical abilities.

Casting a spell is much like creating a program out of energy, you design the program to alter the energy around it, it may be for added protection, or to attract more prosperity, or to find your true love. You can write the perfect program (cast the perfect spell) but the program/energy/spell still needs to make it someplace where it can effectively do its job (into a prosperity amulet, around a door, through a house), many times a magic wand is used to focus and channel this energy into its proper place.

Simple example: Hold a wand pointing at an amulet, making clockwise circles while casting a spell will greatly aid in enchanting the amulet with a spell, doing this without a wand is often less effective.

Magic wands are alive and can teach you. Thanks to the wonderful research of a select few scientists we have discovered (in the 70s) that plants have thoughts/emotions. Most of this research was published in a book called "The Secret Life of Plants", if you have the inclination I would strongly suggest owning this book. Plants were known to respond to the experiences of their caretakers even if they were thousands of miles away. In one experiment a plant was able to identify a single person in a large group that had recently killed a plant located close by.

Plants and trees are conscious. This consciousness does not completely end when a branch is removed from its parent. It's intelligence and consciousness continues into its life as a wand. I personally have had some very odd conversations with wands, Locust wood in particular is very vocal with me, I have been yelled at by it before (when I tried to remove material during a waxing phase of the moon).

I have had a Bloodwood wand conduct me (with my permission of course), in the process it thought me that Bloodwood magic wands can be used to conduct the energy within ones body with great strength and precision.

Most magic wands are good at a specific area, usually an ability they had as a tree. Below is a list of wood characteristics.

Rigid wood: Good for creating everything you think (while using the wand), with great detail. Not very useful for those who have not yet trained their mind to focus. One of the most powerful types of magic wand wood, not as useful for beginners.
Wood types that are hard and rigid: Oak, Ebony, Bloodwood, among others.
Oak tends to be good with beginners even though it is a hard rigid wood type.

Flexible woods: Good for creating what you intend to create, not the small details of your thoughts (like hard woods). These woods will flex with your spell, the mass of what you send will still be sent, but it wont worry about the tiny details as much. Excellent for beginners and those who need flexibility in their magic.
Wood types that are flexible: Ash and Willow, among others.

Woods with natural defenses, such as thorns or acid: These types of woods are wonderful for protection, they naturally are efficient in protecting while they were a tree, and they will carry that expertise with them into their wand workings.
Woods known for protection: Oak (Tanic Acid), Locust (thorns), among others.

Woods with deep and massive root structures: These woods are wonderful at rooting and connecting your energy with the Earth.
Woods known with large root systems: Ebony, Bloodwood among others.

Many of the woods I mention are ones that I have person experience with, each of these categories have many more species of trees that could be listed within them. This list is intended to help you understand why a magic wand would be good at a specific skill, it is not intended to be an all inclusive list.

A few common magical terms and their meanings (as this wizard understands them):

A small ritual dagger. Usually associated with the element of fire.

A magical item able to influence the energy around the item, usually for protection or to attract something such as prosperity or love. Usually amulets do not carry personal intentions from the crafter or enchanter, once the amulet is enchanted it is then considered to be a talisman. At Merlin's Realm we use the term Amulet and Talisman to mean the same thing.

A metal pot, classically viewed as being large enough to cover a fire pit cauldrons can be smaller than a cup of tea. Used for making potions, casting fire spells, burning scrolls and most rituals involving safely using fire. Associated with the element of earth.

The chalice is commonly used for ritual drinking of blessed water, represents the element of water.

To non magical folk a sorcerer is a male spell caster.
To magical folk a sorcerer is a male spell casters that casts spells purely for their own gain without regard to others. Female version is Sorceress. Both terms are used for a selfish spell caster.

Magic Wand: A tool used commonly used in ritual to focus and guide energy. Usually made from wood, but can be made from metal or stone. Plastic is an unacceptable real magical wand material. Magic wands are usually associated with the element of air.

To non magical folk a warlock is a male spell caster.
To magical folk a Warlock is someone who has betrayed the craft, usually to those who would kill and burn them. Warlock is a horrible insult to anyone who practices magic.

To non magical folk a witch is a female spell caster.
To magical folk a witch is a male of female practitioner of the religion Witchcraft.

To non magical folk a wizard is a male spell caster. Since the addition of Harry Potter this has been expanded to include female spell casters.
To magical folk a wizard is person who practices magic, specifically one who uses their magic for others or the good of all. A non selfish spell caster.

If you would like to see more definitions, or your horribly disagree with my definitions you can send your requests to my email address. You can find my email address by clicking contact us on the left side of the page.