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Magic Wizard Staves (Staffs) and Scepters
This is our section of handmade wizard staves (staffs) and scepters, you will not find simple walking sticks here. These are the real deal.

Our magical staves are fantastic for circle casting, summoning, opening portals, long range energy magic or for simply demanding presence. A staff is a grand wand, instead of a tool of manifestation (like a wand) a staff is a companion, a guide, a summoner, a magic staff has a lot more presence than a magic wand and can create/alter much more. A staff can also be a defensive tool to both astral and physical nasties.

Each of our staves is alive, they have a life to live before they reach their full potential. Each of these magical creatures are dear friends of mine, they are like a child that loves to learn, doesn't require feeding or cleaning and doesn't throw fits. They can get loud however, if you don't listen. These magical staves have a desire to grow, advance and with enough knowledge they like to teach as well.

People understand that trees are alive when standing tall and reaching to touch the heavens. But many think that when a tree has fallen or is broken, it is dead. Actually this is very far from the truth. Even when a tree branch appears to be rotten to the core by all examinations, it is still very much alive and its spirit or dryad, is simply drowsy or sleeping, awaiting the touch of another soul to reawaken it. Much like one person's spirit touching anotherís. Throughout time, magickal tools such as Wands, Scepters and Staves, have been masterfully created from woods of certain trees believed to behold much power.

Our magic staves have not been attuned to anyone, with enough handling and usage your staff will attune to you automatically. Our scepters are simply a mid point between a Magic Wand and a Magic Staff.
Merlin of Manitou Made Staves
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