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  1. Is Magic real?

  1. Yes! It is. Just its most likely not what you think. Magic is not what Hollywood makes it out to be. Magic is when a Wizard touches a sickened person, repeats a spoken phrase and the pain is gone. Magic is when you bring a smile to someone who has been sad for weeks. Magic is what makes the sun and moon seem to rise and set. Magic is the unknown power. Magic is the language the universe uses to make things happen. Real magic is NOT like Harry Potter Magic.

  1. Are your wands real magic wands?

  1. Yes! They are! But magic comes from within you, not the wand. A wand is a tool.
  1. Do these magic wands really work?

  1. Short answer: Yes.
Long Answer: Depends on what you want them to work for. Will they turn your sister into a frog? Probably not. Real magic is NOT like Harry Potter magic.
  1. What can you use magic wands for?

  1. Magic wands are tools to help the user create magically. Magic comes from you, not the wand.
What do you want to create magically?
  1. Can I use my wand to levitate something?

  1. No, real magic is nothing like what you see in the movies. Nothing.
  1. What's the most powerful and strongest magic wand you have?

  1. The most powerful wand we have will depend on who is using the wand. I'll let you in on a secret about wands...You don't choose them, they choose you. Look through all the wands in your price range and find the on that seems to "grab you" more than the rest. This is the most powerful magic wand for you.
Also, the magic comes from the user, not the wand.
Real power is in you, the wand channels your magic.
Its not the wand that performs magic, you do.
  1. How do I heal with my magic wand?

  1. That's a long explanation. Detailed instructions are included with each wand.
  1. Does a wand pouch help my magic wand much?

  1. Yes, wand pouches are great ways of physically and energetically protecting your wand.
  1. Can magic be seen? Have you ever seen magic?

  1. Yes it can be seen, but there is no magic that everyone can see. And yes I do see magic, with 3 eyes too! I see magic (energy) with my two normal eyes and I see it easier with my magical eye (third eye). If you want to practice seeing the energy, hold the wand in your right hand (if you're right handed) and point it to the tip of your left index finger. Move the wand and finger so that they're about a half of an inch or so away from one another. Look between the two, and focus your eyes past your hands. It starts being seen as a small string of energy (magic) connecting the wand and your finger.
  1. How does one become a Wizard? Do you have to be born a Wizard?

  1. Being a Wizard is a choice, you don't have to be born one, just choose to be one. But, Wizard means in service to others.
If you wish to become a wizard.
  1. Imagine what you would be like if you were a wizard.
  2. Work toward becoming that goal.
  3. Keep working toward that goal, never give up.
  4. Go back to step 1 and start over.
  1. Do you know some spells that can be cast using a wand?
If so, can you teach me some.

  1. If you're looking for a spell for play or show....there are none. And, all spells have a purpose, many times the purpose for the spell is found before the spell is. So one question I have to ask is, what do you need a spell for?

Wizards use magic for a reason, never is a spell cast without a reason. If your are looking for a practice spell, perhaps I can teach one a little later in this dialog.
  1. Do you know where I can find a Phoenix feather or Unicorn hair or Dragon heart string?

  1. I hate to have be the one who explains this sometimes, but those items do not exist in the physical. It is a ploy other wand makers use to sell their wands, there is no physical Unicorn hair included with their wand. (Some wand makers actually enchant their wand with the creatures energy, this is not a ploy)

However, you can go on an inner journey and find them in meditation. A dream, or in a fantasy. If you happen to find one in a fantasy you can still add it to your wand in your imagination world and the wand in real life will hold this magic you have added to it.

  1. Where to find them?
  2. Those are rules left up to your imagination.
  3. How?
  4. Sit with your wand, close your eyes, imagine you are in a magical world. Use your imagination and go on a magical journey/quest to find the magical items you are searching for. Once you find them, imagine yourself magically adding them to your wand.
  5. Okay, can I get a core of wand in my imagination?
  6. Yes you can add these items to your wand, I don't follow the core theory myself, or even know what it is for that matter.
  7. How will I imagine that, can you teach me?
  8. ... ... ... You have to imagine it, use your imagination. Write an imaginary story in your mind, then imagine it.
  1. When should I use my wand and when should I not use my wand?

  1. You should use your wand anytime you wish to add some magic to your life. Or whenever you wish to practice real magic.
DO NOT use your wand when you are angry or if you want to curse or hurt someone with magic. If you do, any pain that you cause will come back three times stronger.
But the same goes for when you bless people, the blessing will come back to you three times stronger. Remember always bless, never curse. I warned you.
  1. Can you teach me any offense spells?

  1. NO, never use your wand or any wand to attack someone, what you send out will come
back to you.
  1. Do you know where I can find a spell book?

  1. I suggest two books on magic for young readers:
"Solitary Witch" by Silver Ravenwolf
"Earth, Air, Fire & Water" by Scott Cunningham

Again, I stress that real magic is nothing like Harry Potter. Learning how magic works is much more important than learning a spell. A spell is NOT words spoken and something happens, you personally have to have some understanding of magic.
  1. Can you teach me a disarm spell?

  1. I am assuming you are trying to disarm another wand from another Wizard. Again, real magic is nothing like Harry Potter. Another wizard would not be using their wand to attack you. Period. No need for a disarm spell.
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