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Magic Training Spells for Young Witches and Wizards
If you are looking for a spell that will prove magic is real, there is none. Because If you need proof your spell will never work. You must first believe magic is real for it to work.

Before reading or practicing spells on this page, please read our
Young Wizards commonly asked questions page
Spells need a reason, they need a purpose, what is the spell supposed to do, what is it going to create? Without a reason the spell doesn't know what to do.

Magic works with the unknown, the unseen. You may not always see the result of your magic spell, magic is mysterious.

Your magic wand is a tool of creation, when you use magic with your wand it helps magic happen.

USE YOUR MAGIC WISELY. HELP PEOPLE AND YOURSELF WITH MAGIC. NEVER HURT ANOTHER WITH MAGIC. Whatever you send out with your magic and with your wand will come back to you.
If you help (bless) others with your magic you too will be blessed. If you hurt others with magic you will be hurt 3 times more then they were.

Magic spells are based on three simple principles,
  1. your thoughts create your reality
  2. your words create reality
  3. your intentions create reality
Think, say and intend your spell to work.

You have all asked many times for these spells, these are the best I can come up with for practice.
Merlin of Manitou's Personal Protection Spell
This is one of the strongest spells I have ever used, and I learned it when I was a kid, so it is fitting for you to learn at a young age. Whenever you feel in trouble, whenever you feel you are not safe use this spell. Repeat aloud if able, if silence is needed repeat the spell in your mind. This is still a spell I say daily before I go to bed. I have used it hundreds of times and I was amazed on how safe I was after casting it.
I am a violet being of violet fire,
the purity that god desires.
Repeat this 3, 6, 9 or more times, or until you feel safe. It helps to imagine yourself being made of violet fire when casting, but is not required.

This is a very useful spell to practice. Practice it even when you are not in trouble, with practice the spell gets stronger.
More kid spells coming soon...
If you have any training or magic questions please e-mail me.
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I cannot offer training/magic help over the phone.
I will do my best to offer basic training on the website and I can offer help by e-mail.
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